Katie Wills

Professional Musician, Vocalist, Songwriter

“Katie is a professional and versatile vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with multitudes of performing experience whether as a soloist or as part of a band. She has been part of several bands including previous college bands, her High School Senior Wind, Jazz and Brass band of which she played trumpet but also had the opportunity to sing as a soloist and with the Jazz Band. She has performed as a soloist, in bands and in choirs, in many concerts, solo gigs, college gigs, care homes, primary schools/toddler groups, events and venues including George Square, the Old Fruitmarket, Paris and for Lord Sebastian Coe at a sports event as well as multiple venues all over Scotland. Playing with these bands also gave Katie the opportunity to compete in prestigious competitions, often winning Platinum, Gold and Silver awards as well as jazz awards.

She is completely versatile in what genres she can sing and can adapt to any given genre and to give a clearer insight, she is able to sing genres such as; Jazz, Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Blues, Motown, Singer Songwriter, Folk, Soul, Classical, Heavy Rock, Contemporary Christian Music, Scat including Jazz Standard etc! Vocally wise, she has a highly skilled technical vocal ability in terms of vocal gymnastics, harmonies, melisma and improvisation. She is able to incorporate many different elements of vocal stylings and can improv on cue. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of the voice and how it works as well as vocal techniques and theory. She has had a year’s training in Musical Theatre including Estill training and has been in musicals and pantos! She has even led her own Youth Worship Band, working alongside the youth in the youth group as well as volunteering in youth lunch groups in high schools and performing in a Church Worship Band!

She has a wide range of skills and knowledge in Music Theory, Music Business, Music History, Song Writing, Performance, Composition, Entrepreneurship, Logic Pro X and has built up a wide, versatile and lengthy repertoire. She also tends to create arrangements for her own take on a song. She can sight read very well and can learn pieces quickly if needs be. She can also accompany herself on the piano and guitar when singing. She works very closely with harmonies and has a good ear for harmonising and improvising with scales/keys etc and when singing with other vocalists. She has also been part of several recording/session/online collaborative projects involving other collaborators including having recorded vox for library music and TV ads. She is also a freelancer on Encore as a performer for weddings, events etc and also Fiverr having recorded vocals, piano and wrote lyrics for a few paid projects and has some ongoing paid projects.

She has studied a HNC in Musical Theatre at Motherwell College, HNC-HND Music at the Academy of Music and Sound Glasgow and has been offered an unconditional to study an online music production degree with Point Blank Music School. She has experience of teaching students of all ages and levels of experience as a private tutor and with InTune Music. Katie has also taught at Gymboree Play and Music as an Early Years Development teacher using music and imaginative play. She is also a bank vocal and piano tutor for Culture NL teaching group keyboard classes as well is a vocal and piano tutor with Riverside Music College and a cover tutor with Rookie Rockstars. She was also working alongside Nu Moves Dance Studio with their Chorus Classes as well as teaching song-writing classes, vocals and piano with The Sound Lab, a Glasgow based music charity offering free music classes and tuition. She has also volunteered at the Shaw Trust in Edinburgh, delivering song-writing workshops as part of their well-being programme.

As well as this, she’s currently the lead vocalist and pianist for newly established Glasgow based function band, Rough Diamond and is also half of the duo Artax, writing vocals/lyrics and recording for an album which was released on 22nd May 2020 on all streaming platforms and has, so far, garnered very positive feedback and airplay on radio stations such as Community Pulse Radio as part of Stuart Macaulay’s Strictly Scotland show, Hull Online Radio as well as being a featured artist on their website and has been included in CamGlen Radio’s daytime playlist over the next couple of weeks as well as several other radio stations. Artax have also most recently filmed a set for Bannermans Bar as part of an initiative to get gigs back up and running again. She has recorded vocals on an album for a project with an artist named Ruadh who has released the album worldwide and has had the likes of James Cosmo talk about it as well as some other amazing reviews.

Katie has also been awarded funding through YoungScot’s Time to Shine Nurturing Fund, of which she is using to record her EP, music video and hold an EP launch too. She has most recently released the single off her upcoming EP, Blue Roses as well as her music video, both of which have garnered great feedback from the public and The Static Dive and has been featured on numerous radio stations, concluded a phone interview with Catriona Gibson from CamGlen Radio and has been on podcasts and more. Blue Roses has also been chosen as a Wild Card Contender for the Andrson Uploaded Songwriting Competition; she is currently a Round 2 Semi-Finalist. She has also completed a project to collaborate with other Glasgow based musicians to record one of her songs for two charities including WWF UK and SAMH which will was released 7th September. Lastly, she was also awarded a scholarship onto the Artist Roadmap Accelerator programme and has currently launched a GoFundMe campaign to fund the rest of the costs.

She is also a freelance musician on Fiverr and has so far, garnered very positive reviews with her recording and session work on there. She is a musician with Genre Music as a resident solo vocalist/pianist with regular gigs and has just been taken onto the Alive Network agency roster. She also had organised a successful gig for SAMH last year raising almost over £200. She has also been selected to take part in an international artist residency in Cuba of which she will be spending two months working alongside the community music and cultural organisations, this will now take place next Spring.

Taking inspiration as a modern-day Stevie Nicks with a little bit of Amy Lee, Taylor Momsen, Chris Cornell, Norah Jones, Ariana Grande, Adele and Stevie Wonder thrown in the mix, Katie considers herself to be very versatile and experienced in performing and vocals and pride herself on her friendly nature and professionalism. She always takes a professional approach to everything she does and absolutely loves and is incredibly passionate about music and is eager to share that enthusiasm with everybody else out there!”

I’ll need (depending on the order/project);

-Any lyrics you may have
-MP3 or WAV file of the track (recorded to a click, no phone recordings unless clear and recorded to a click)
-Key, chords, BPM, tempo etc.
-Any sort of musical direction for the song/lyrics.
-Preferences of how the tracks should be recorded i.e. dry, double/triple tracked, harmonies or none, any instrumentation that could be added etc.
-Preference of stages of delivery i.e. lyrics first, then recording etc.

I can…

-Provide lyrics for your track; I can write lyrics from scratch using an instrumental you provide, if you would prefer it to be a blank canvas and I write about what I interpret the vibe of the song to be, or you can give me some sort of stimulus to work from. I tend to write lyrics using a lot of imagery and themes such as mental health and issues facing us today such as mental health, the environment/ and the impact humans have made, relationships-the good and the bad sides. But I can also write more upbeat lyrics if your track was more in line with vibes of positivity and feeling uplifted. I can also rework or restructure lyrics you yourself have written.

-I can write and record vocal and piano melodies for your track; If you have an instrumental that you need some vocals and/or piano on or would like someone to record a complete track that has lyrics with piano and vocals-then I can provide that service. I pride myself on my ability to be as versatile as possible and can sing and adapt to any genre. Piano wise, I tend to use as many dynamics as possible, drenching it in reverb-taking influence from composer Ludovico Einaudi. If you would like an emotive, dynamic piano sound-that is something I specialise in. Vocals wise, as I had mentioned, I like to try new styles and genres. I will do my best to adapt any given genre. I can provide soft, haunting, whispery vocals or powerful, strong and uplifting vocals. I will provide harmonies, as many vocal dynamics as possible and can also double/triple track etc.

-I can do all of the above and; I can also write a track with piano, vocals but also add in some percussion, programmed instruments, and even some basic guitar. I can do a basic mix but am also in contact with a friend who also produces who can do a much more complex mix.

I use GarageBand mainly to record. I tend to record everything dry using only a noise gate due to external noise. I work quickly but do everything to the best of my ability. Equipment includes;

-MacBook Air 2017
-GarageBand Software
-Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 2nd Gen Interface
-M-Audio AV32 3” Active Studio Monitors
-Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone with pop shield, foam isolation shields etc.
-Alessis Q49 Midi Keyboard
-Novation Launchpad MK2 Mini

I tend to send everything over at the once, via on here or a Google Drive link. But can send folders/files separately if preferred.

In the past, I have recorded on multiple projects and collaborations. Most notably, I recorded some vocals for an artist named Ruadh’s album, of which garnered favourable reviews and had the likes of James Cosmo give his album a shout out. I have also recorded vocals in the past for TV ads and have recorded for multiple collaborations with other artists and have also provided for multiple orders on Fiverr. Please check out my social media links below;




https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Pdo8XfK3QXQtQxtu3CLtD?si=SxXAlV0BTOO2sp0RS7fEog (Ceiti)
https://open.spotify.com/artist/5y0Q4NRH56yayxS8GPAqUJ?si=40z0Em8WQqStr3dG4xOfyg (Artax)


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