Kyle Johnson

Mix Engineer

I’m a metal producer that specializes in mixing extreme metal. I’m also a guitarist and have been creating music for nearly two decades. Working other genres outside of metal is not a problem for me.

Please contact me before selecting my service to make sure I can help you!
Please provide your rough mix/demo.

I need the Multi-tracks for your songs. All tracks should be consolidated and starting at 0:00. Turn off all fx and processing before bouncing. Any midi instruments need to be bounced to stereo audio file. If you have midi drums please provide the midi file as well as a bounced stereo file of the drums. The files need to be properly named and placed in a folder titled: Bandname_SongTitle_BPM. I will not accept .mp3 please make sure files are in .wav/24bit/44.1k or 48k.

If you need any more information of how to prep files for a mix engineer there are plenty of videos on youtube.

For Mastering:
I just need the final mix. Please make sure it’s not peaking above -3dB. Make sure to leave a sec or two of silence at the beginning and end of the song. This allows me to have proper headroom and space for any edits.

I provide mixing and mastering. I use Studio One, Slate plugins, Universal Audio Plugins Hardware/Plugins, Brainworx Plugins, Heritage Audio Compressors, Black Lion Audio Compressors, SSL Fusion, and Amphion Two15 Monitors.

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