Michelle Packman

Multi-string instrumentalist and string arranger

I have a professional studio in Los Angeles, CA. My main DAWs are Logic Pro and Pro Tools. I love microtech-gefell mics, and my main mics are the MG M300. My studio space is treated and I promise to deliver great raw audio with as little room noise as possible. I can record really intimate mono or stereo solo instruments, or I can combine many layers of violins, violas, and cellos, pairs with my Spitfire symphonic, chamber, and soaring strings libraries to create lush, full orchestral arrangements. Revisions are not a problem at all, and I won’t stop until my clients and collaborators are 100% happy. I am a strong communicator.

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This first Highlight reel is of my cello playing and arranging for strings as of May, 2020.


Hours vary.