Ida Farkas

I am a professionally trained vocalist.

Hey! I am a young female singer from Hungary. I am a student of Bartók Béla Conservatory of Music, in Budapest, with 10 years of music past. I can provide good quality vocals for you! 🙂

I need the details of the song you’d like me to work on with you. If it’s a cover then of course you only have to tell me the name of the song, and if you have an original karaoke, send it to me. If you would like to make a brand new song with me, you have to send me the lyrics, or the description of the lyrics you want me to write for you.

I use ableton. I work with my partner, who is a talented beatmaker and producer. I usually chat with the buyer first about the project he/she would like me to do, send a sample of me singing it, and after he/she placed an order, I start working on the whole project.

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