Mixing Engineer

Setu Sharma, Artist Name BuddhaBells, is an Electronic Music Producer and a Mix Engineer. Holds a Bachelors in Electronic Music composition & Audio Engineering from the famous Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA.

My Audio examples showcase a sense of versatility. For me personally, this is an important aspect of the trait, which also ensures a positive outcome with Varied Genre Based Music. Offering Services in Audio Mixing
Service List Includes: Mixing your Produced or Recorded sessions.

1. A reference track is of great help for me to understand what sound you’re trying to go for in context to your music. 2. Besides this, you may mention specific notes for your requirements. 3. Or else we can have a chat to ensure your tracks turn out the way you imagined.

NOTE: Encourage that you send me .WAV or .AIFF uncompressed audio stems

Offering Audio Mixing Services in varied Genre Based Music.

After having worked with the Analog Domain, I must confess Digital wins my heart by just a fraction. Due to it’s stability, I Now entirely carry out my mixing tasks within the Box (in Logic Pro X), using 3rd party as well as stock plugins.

Mixing includes:

Multiband Compression
Mid Side EQ
Dimension Expander
Flex Pitch or Auto Tune
Volume & Pan Automation

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DreamState - Mixed & Mastered
Bitter - Mixed & Mastered