Jay T

Mixing Engineer

Working with hip-hop, rap, alternative, and r&b artists has broadened my ears, vision, and love for the production of music. I provide recording, mixing, and mastering services for all of these genres. My portfolio and education in other genres increases by the day, striving to assist in making better music.
As an artist myself, I can understand the frustrating process of compiling a quality sounding composition. With the knowledge I’ve gained from higher education and self taught experience, including trial and error, I ensure the integrity of your track or project is treated with the same care and time I would apply to my own.
Make the best music you possibly can, and I’ll handle the rest.

When sending your record, please please please send all of the stems (individual) tracks without any manipulation or effects. This makes both of our lives easier and you’re going to get a better mix out of it.

Typically I host recording sessions in my home studio. I have the most experience with rappers and R&B singers. I also provide mixing and mastering services for the artists that I record with as well as offer mixing and mastering remotely. I’m always open to experimentation on unfamiliar records, but not at the clients expense. I’m all for customer satisfaction and I treat everyone’s songs with the same care as I apply to my own. My go to program for everyday use is Pro Tools, but from time to time i’ll use Logic Pro X and Fl Studio for personal use.

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