Alan Whelan

Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer

My studio – Solitaire Recording Studio is a hybrid studio based in Ireland, using a wealth of high end mics, outboard effects, valve and solid state preamps, compressors and EQ. I use Lynx Aurora converters. I also have a huge set of plugins from Waves, Plugin Alliance and DUY plus lots of others from various brands. Mixing/Mastering is a hybrid analogue and in the box process. I work in an acoustically tested, treated and calibrated control room. Speaker alignment and phase was done with Smaart V.8.
Outboard effects consist of Eventide, Lexicon, TC Electronic and Dolby.
Preamps, EQ, compression from Neve, Avalon, TLAudio, DBX and Focusrite.
Monitoring thru Genelec 1029a and 7060a sub. up to 6.1 mixing.

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