Alan Whelan

Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer

Hi there. I am a professional audio engineer with over 31 years experience. I started my training in 1989 in a pro studio recording to 24 track 2 inch analogue tape and mastering to 2 track 1/4 inch analogue tape. I opened my own studio in 1999 and have been working from there ever since. I work in all genres but I specialise in real instruments, musicians, singers, bands, singer songwriter, acoustic, orchestral etc. I have recorded literally thousands of albums, singles and E.P.s over my career. I am a perfectionist and will not be happy until you are. I am very happy to engage with and work closely with you until we get the absolute best from your project.

Recent projects – Lisa Hannigan, James Vincent Mc Murrow, Gavin James, Saint Sister……

Please send tracks for mixing as 24 or 32 bit Wav files or similar at 44.1Khz or 48 Khz.
All track cleaning, compiling (Comp’d tracks) and tuning should be done before sending to me.
I can of course comp and tune if required but this is time consuming and not included in the standard mix/master deal price.
I always request a reference track, i.e. a song/piece that you would like your project to sound similar to. This gives me an idea of tone, reverbs etc. You may want a huge, ambient, grungy drum sound or you may want a tight, intimate dry drum sound. The reference track will move us along much faster. Having an example of what you want is a huge step forward.

My studio is a hybrid studio using a wealth of high end mics, outboard effects, valve and solid state preamps, compressors and EQ. I use Lynx Aurora converters. I also have a huge set of plugins from Waves, Plugin Alliance and DUY plus lots of others from various brands. Mixing/Mastering is a hybrid analogue and in the box process. I work in an acoustically tested, treated and calibrated control room. Speaker alignment and phase was done with Smaart V.8.
Outboard effects consist of Eventide, Lexicon, TC Electronic and Dolby.
Preamps, EQ, compression from Neve, Avalon, TLAudio, DBX and Focusrite.
Monitoring thru Genelec 1029a and 7060a sub. up to 6.1 mixing.
My record chain is microphone, valve or solid state preamp, compressor/eq if needed, Lynx Auroras for conversions and into the mac.
When recording an X32 gets tracks back from the mac via Dante for feeding headphones around the studio. The X32 is not in the recording chain, it is only used for monitoring during recording.

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