Harry Mc Cormick

Ghost writer

I have been writing songs, poetry and even a few fictional novels for most of my life and have decided to take song writing more seriously recently, having began selling on Fiverr a few months ago, I would like to grow and expand to reach more artists.

To be honest rap is where I first found my love in music and song writing, I would try and write lyrics to rap as fast as Busta Rhymes or be as gory as Eminem or as philosophical as some of Tupac’s work. I worked on from there and began to write novels, poetry and Ep’s. I’ve added some of my recent work below to show my skills but could only add 1 image to this page, hopefully I can send you more upon response if needed. I truly believe I could be one of the best ghost writers there is, I just need the chance to start making connections.

I appreciate you for reading this far if you have and I hope you have a good day and consider working with me.


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Beautiful Shame first draft