Yoad Ben Nun

Mastering and Mixing Engineer

I produce my work from my cosy studio.
My work is focused around mastering and mixing and recording when I’m available to it 😛
It’s very important to me to help artists get their vision and the emotion of the song across to the audience.

I love working with sound, especially music, I’m amazed by the infinite possibilities and the effect of each decision made during the production of a song has on the feel and the emotion it conveys,
to me it’s the most satisfying and complex puzzle there is.

All I need to get the job done is the audio files of the project (no sessions please)
and a conversation with you to understand fully what you are going for.

I offer Mastering services for clients that are looking to get their productions and songs to the next level,
my workflow consists of advising my clients how to get the most out of their music before mastering even begins,
that way we ensure together that all things are wrapped nicely before going out to the real world.

I offer Mixing services as well, this service is separate to the mastering one and is priced differently according to the project needs.

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Sun – Thu: 09:00-21:00