Andrea Verga

Professional Banjoist and Producer.

I am a professional banjo player and producer, recognised as one of the “…fine young Banjo player with a melodic bent…” [Banjo Newsletter June 2020]

I have toured with my main band “Folkamiseria”, a band that proudly oscillates between Funky and Fiddle Tunes, playing in some of the best Celtic and Folk festivals all around Italy and Europe.
I also have solo albums and various singles published that count a considerable number of streams on the main platforms.
I have also performed on stage or in the studio with some various Folk artist here in Italy, including Davide Van De Sfroos, whom I played in “San Siro Stadium” in front of 20k people in June 2017.

I’ll need just the song and we will talk how to add banjo or mandolin texture on it.

I will record an arranged part of Banjo on your recordings of ANY GENRE. I own professional gear.
I’m a banjo teacher, offering private lesson or teaching in some schools in Northen Italy, one of them is “Albero Musicale”, a renowned schools that offer traditional music courses.
I have taught one to one banjo lessons since 2014, both in person and online.
I always try to first build musicality and groove in my students, teaching MUSIC first of all.
We will start learning the basic clawhammer banjo technique, then
we will start with some tunes and exercises and we will use them to see some more advanced techniques, some basic theory and harmony, and some rhytmic solfege and patterns to improve your timing and groove.

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