Mirko Russo

mixing engineer, producer, guitar and bass player

I am Mirko Russo, a Musician & Producer.
I have been committing myself to music since I was 11: that’s when I began playing guitar. In the following years I have collected experience with bands and live gigs in Apulia, Southern Italy. In parallel with this, I started recording my own instrumental songs and releasing some albums throughout the years. However, I have always been fascinated not just in playing with band mates and arranging songs as a group, but also in how to make different instruments work together in a mix. Indeed, I felt that is another crucial aspect which helps the potential of a song to express itself.

Mix: each single track of your recording or stems in wave or Logic Pro X project file.
Mastering: stereo file in wave (24 or 32 bit resolution, no dither applied).

I offer three kinds of audio services.

I can make a complete mix and master of your song(s) using professional plugins (Universal Audio, Soundtoys, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Brainworx, iZotope, Valhalla…) and reach the sound you desire (reference tracks are welcome). Typical things I do, depending on the needs: use corrective EQ; use compressors and other dynamic processors; use reverbs and delays; use autotune for vocals; give loudness to the song(s) and master it.
Price: 40 € for a song.

I can also produce a song for you starting from a demo and make the arrangement from zero. We must plan everything and work together step by step. Virtual or real instrument will be recorded and then the song will be mixed and mastered.
Price: 100 € for a song.

Since I play electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass, I can record these instruments with microphones (except the bass, that will be recorded through the direct input). Or, if you need virtual acoustic or electronic drums programming for you song, I can do that for you.
Price: 50 € for a song.

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Mon. – Fri.: 18:00 – 22:00; Sat. – Sun.: 8:00 – 12:00