Simone Beneducci

Bass player

Hi! I’m Simone, nice to meet you.

If you need some low end to fill out your song you’re in the right place!

I will play bass on your song or track based on a chord progression, drum beat, written part or create a full bassline.

I can play finger picking, slap, pick and record with:

Fender standard jazz bass
Fender precision bass (78)
Rickenbacker 4003
G&L L2005 (5 strings)
Sansamp Bass Driver D.I.

to cover sound for any genre you need.

You’ll get a bass track recorded with professional hardware and software up to 192kHz sample rate with a 32bit depth. (tell me your preference. 44.1kHz/24bit recommended!). Simple D.I. track or amped with basic mixing (comp,eq,efx,etc..) if needed.

Feel free to contact me for any information.

Before placing an order send me a message so we could find a deal and i’m sure we can definitively work together.

Talk soon!

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