Daniel Clay Wilson


I am a music producer based in Jacksonville, Ar. I am self-taught and have been producing for about 2 years. You can get ahold of me through Clayly771999@gmail.com if this website fails to provide contact info. I charge $25 for a song. Meaning for $25 I will produce the beat and help you mix and arrange vocals if you want after the beat and recordings are done.

I will need a style of beat, reference song if preferred (I will not copy or reproduce a beat. Reference song is solely for feel or style of production). I will need an approximate length, preferred key and tempo. If you are a producer looking for a collab I will need samples or melodies to work with preferably MP3 or WAV files. If you’re a producer wanting melodies or samples from me, I will need a preferred tempo and key and how many instruments you will need. I work remotely so I will need an email at least, but when we communicate I will ask you to add my discord for a more streamlined work flow and easier communication (DISCORD NOT REQUIRED BUT PREFERRED)

I make custom beats around artist preference using the most up to date version of FL Studio. I also do paid collabs with other producers. I have and AlesisV25 for midi input and control. I currently work with my in house artist, D.G.Kiing. I usually make and mix a beat in a little under 3 hours of total work. I spend about 2 days on more serious projects that include vocal mixing.

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Mon - Sun : 10:00 AM - 9:30 PM