Marshal Rosenberger

Professional Producer, Mix and Mastering Engineer

I make your songs jump out of the speakers, creating a powerful, emotional connection with the listener. With over a decade of experience in production, mixing and mastering, you can be assured your music is in great hands. Let’s get started today, crafting your song into the next billboard hit.

About me:

I have zero platinum records, no Grammy’s to show for, or millions of dollars worth of studio gear. But I can promise when you work with me, I will treat you like a rockstar, pop star or a high profile DJ. Delivering you the results that will make your music sound amazing on any system you play it on.

My portfolio includes hundreds of artist from around the world, many of them with 1M+ streams on various streaming platforms. I’ve worked with the Tim Tebow Foundation producing, mixing and mastering their song for the annual Night to Shine event, as well as with members of the AL Green band for solo projects that have been played on radio stations world wide.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here to help you, your music, and your journey to success

All stems or songs should be highest quality .WAV files 44.1 Sample Rate and 24 bit Depth with no clipping or peaks above -1db

Your song will be returned in the proper format for Spotify, loud, clear and ready for streaming

I understand my client’s needs and work with them to achieve their goal. I pride myself on quality, achieving this by using only the best digital tools and analog mastering equipment in the audio world.

What kind of gear and plugins do I use?

Analog Gear: Avalon, BetterMaker, Crane Song, Dangerous Music, Focal, Rupert Neve Designs, Merging Technology, Universal Audio.

Plugins: Fabfilter, Izotope, Leapwing, Nugen, Plugin Alliance, Slate Digital, Universal Audio, Waves

Want to learn how to mix or master your own music? Lets schedule a 1 on 1 production lesson that goes over every detail how to make radio ready songs with your DAW and stock plugins! *Includes free analog mastering for 1 track*

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