Joe Wright

Producer/Audio engineer

I’m a producer and multi-instrumentalist.I run a studio and have access to a wide array of instruments, including USA built acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, mandolin etc. as well as sample instruments such as keys, strings and realistic sample-based acoustic drums.

My usual turnaround time for a full song is 10 days or so, may differ depending on the artist’s schedule or my own

I can provide anything to make a song the best it can be including production, additional instrumental recordings, mixing and mastering (all songs in my example compilation were produced, mixed and mastered by me, many of the instruments are played by me) I pride myself on my efficiency and communication.
I usually start with a few vocal takes and a rough instrumental track to use as a guide for the chords/structure. Then I use whatever instruments are necessary to create an arrangement to fit the song

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Mon-Fri: 10am-10pm (flexible) Weekends: As above (more susceptible to change)