Sam Fleming

Mix Engineer

Who Am I?
I’m Sam Fleming, a musician, producer, mix engineer, and mastering engineer from Joplin, MO. I’m also the full time music director at my church. I absolutely love producing, recording, and mixing music.

What Can I Give You?
– I’ll bring your raw stems to life using industry standard techniques and industry standard plugins (Fabfilter, UAD, Plugin Alliance, SSL, Valhalla, etc).
– I’ll manually quantize your drums and tune your vocals.
– I’ll deliver a high quality lossless WAV audio file.
– I’ll offer free creative suggestions (for example: I’ll record a shaker and mix it in with your song, as long as you approve).
– I’ll even master your song if you need it.

Why me?
– Your song becomes my song too as soon as it hits my DAW, so I will give it everything I possibly can in order to make sure it’s the best it can be.
– I’ll understand your vision.
– You won’t just be my client, you’ll be my friend.
– I’m affordable, yet the end result will sound professional, even if all the tracks were recorded in a bedroom.

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Two Lanes - Gavin Layne
Where's the Water - Devin Hames