Aaron Farinelli

Drummer & Audio Engineer

I will perform, record and mix drums and percussion for your song.
Within 24 hours of our agreed starting date, I will record 2 separate takes and submit 2 rough MP3 stereo files for your review. Once you have reviewed the sample, you can give me notes on performance and audio mix for revisions. You will receive one complimentary revision session. Additional revision sessions are available for a fee and may take an additional day depending on how much is involved. Finally I will deliver a high-quality, mixed/EQ’d stereo track as well as all of the stems, all in WAV format. A typical recording session could take up to 3 days from start to finish.
Need help mixing your song? I can help with that too!

My gear:
-Yamaha Stage Custom (Birch/Mahogany) 12″,13″,16″
-Ludwig Black Beauty Snare (Brass) 6.5″x14″
-PDP/DW Concept Snare (Maple) 5.5″x14″
-Yamaha Stage Custom Snare (Steel) 5″x14″
-Gretsch Blackhawk Snare (Steel) 5″x8″
-Pearl Concert Toms (Fiberglass) 8″,10″
Evens/Remo Drum Heads: Clear, Coated & Synthetic Calfskin

-Istanbul Agop Om Series HiHats 15″
-Istanbul Agop Om Series Crash 18″
-Istanbul Agop Traditional Crash 18″
-Istanbul Agop Om Series Ride 22″
-Istanbul Agop Splash 10″
-Meinl Classics Series Ride 22″
-Zildjian A Series HiHats 14″
-Paiste 2002 Series Crash 18″
-Paiste Splash 8″
-Wuhan Crash 18″
-Wuhan China 20″
-Homemade Steel Cymbal 14″

-AEA N8 Ribbon Mics
-AEA N22 Ribbon Mics
-AKG P400 Condenser Mic
-Audix D6 Dynamic Cardioid Kick Drum Mic
-CAD Trion-7000 Dual Element Ribbon Mic
-Shure SM 57 Dynamic Mic
-Shure SM 58 Dynamic Mic
-Shure Beta 87A Supercardioid Condenser Mics

-Gamelan Drum
-Wood Blocks

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Monday – Friday 9pm-5pm (PST) Feel free to contact me at any time for info and booking.