Judah Venable

Vocalist, Music Producer, Mixing Engineer

Professional Music Producer fluent in Arrangement, Mixing, and Mastering. Current Music Technology student, with 3 years of production, and 12 of singing. Artist on Spotify who works in EDM and Pop music.

I will take your mixes, songs, tracks, vocals to the next level! I’m very friendly and easy to work with. Quality and organization are of huge importance to me, and I will always maintain a high level of professionalism. I’m sure many have dealt with unprofessional producers before, but I guarantee that I will not leave you hanging! I don’t simply do music as a hobby, but do it because I love it. This will be evident in my interactions with you. Creativity is always important, and I always look for ways to not only help the quality of a track, but also to give advice here and there if asked to.

I have worked on podcasts, video game soundtracks, Twitch intro music, and my own personal releases. I have also performed as a vocalist on several different tracks, which will be releasing early next year. In 2020 I won a songwriting competition for an “express yourself” themed collaboration between young adults. I specialize in Pop and EDM, but am very flexible, even loving punk rock and other genres.

If you hire me as a vocalist, everything will be tracked in a professionally treated studio, with a Neumann U87AI Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone.

I currently manage the music studios at my university. I guarantee high quality results, with a very satisfactory process.

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