The Ghost Piper

Pro Bagpiper and Whistler (Flute)

Experienced session musician, composer, arranger and performer. Founder, bagpiper and flute player of a musical project “Random Reel”. Open for cooperation. If your composition needs flutes or bagpipes, please! I’ll be glad to help you.
I work in my own home studio and have a lot of experience in recording, arranging, composing and generally music production. I love to experiment, so I record and compose music from traditional folk to rock, electronic, etc. You can hear the quality of the recordings and mixing in the musical examples.
I can be your session musician, I can do a Celtic style cover, I can compose a melody for you, record various instruments (live and VST) and create a composition and mixing it.
*Important. Before you place an order, please write to me in private messages. Bagpipes and whistles are diatonic instruments, so there are some keys that I can’t play on them.

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