Mauricio Mirapalheta

Professional Guitarist, Vocalist & Rock Maker

As I am a multi-instrumentalist person the majority of work I’ve been doing has been full rock/punk/metal instrumentals, but I also can do the guitar for your song, bass or (partially) programmed drums. The gear that I use is ESP LTD AX 400 or a Fender Squire Classic Vibe 70’s for the guitars (depending on the style of the song that is required), for the bass I use an Ibanez TMB 100 and for the drums it’s a Roland HD1 E-drums that I use as a MIDI controller for EZ Drummer 2. I’m also a singer, and if the kind of vocals you’re looking for is raspy, soulful, passionate and very rock driven, then I’m your guy. The mic I use is a T Bone SC450 USB. My audio interface is a PreSonus Audiobox 96 USB and my DAW (digital audio workstation) is Ableton Live

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