Lusanda Sompani

Music Producer/ Beatmaker/ Composer/ Audio editor

***************About Lusanda*******************

I can create you an amazing well thought-out instrumental/ beat.
I’ve been a Music producer/ beatmaker for the past 13 years and have had productive projects, below are details specification of my DAW and my tools.

The DAW I use are as follows:

FL Studio
Logix Pro

I’m fully equipped with latest Plugins such as:

-Amp Guitar

I can create brand new scores from scratch to cater to your preference of how you wish your beat to be produced.
To make things easier I also make type beats to help make your request more accessible.
I mix and master also with ultimate effects, from latest to oldest.

Also audio effect and editing of recordings are not scarce in my skills of producing music. I edit vocals, to give it a more vibe on your idea of how you want your track to be.


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