Filip Andel

Professional mixing engineer

In my studio I am mainly focused on mixing and mastering services. Of course I have plenty of experience also with recording any acts within live played instruments. However in the modern world of technological possibilities I can provide professional mixing and mastering to anyone of you – wherever in the world you are 🙂

My mixing style is focused on modern fresh sound yet I won´t forget the heritage of the past analog days. My approach blends the power of computers with some delicate analog hardware units to enrich my client´s music with some warmth and attitude.

Please reach out to me prior to purchase! This way we can discuss the best possible options to work with you 😉

Result will be one mastered stereo file either for CD or current digital streaming services.

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Fictive Marry - Labyrinty Blaznov
Marek Lacko - Zit Podla Seba