Patricio A. Pickslay

President, Pacific Records, Inc. & R.C.P.

My Pro Bio: Patricio A. Pickslay is a music producer, songwriter/composer, educator and President of Pacific Records, Inc. His general philosophy is strong on musical fundamentals with a unique emphasis on creative experimentation. His command of craft and disciplined approach cultivate success in a wide array of musical settings. Pickslay’s award-winning work has appeared on the Billboard & I-Tunes charts, major film releases and television. A Grammy voting member of the academy, Patricio has worked professionally in the music business for nearly three decades. Goto for more!

I can adapt to any point in the project process. Any audio format can be submitted; but, I prefer to work with (24 bit, 44.1) WAV files. Final masters will be delivered in Red Book standard (16 bit, 44.1).

I excel at co-songwriting, producing in a wide range of genres, mixing & mastering.

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