Reginald Comeaux

Audio engineer

I am a Fullsail student working on my bachelors in audio engineering with more than 20 years of experience. I have obtain my certifercate in audio engineering and have ove six yrs prior Fullsail of college in audio productions. I am looking to work new people.

I would like to have the audio files with the best quality. The tempo and key would be nice if possible. Also a ruff mix to vision what type of sound the artist is looking for.

Most of my past credits are friends who were recorded for practice when I first started. I can basically use any daw, but prefer protools because it is what I am most fluent in. Music set is a hybrid system which consist of summing using hardware such as Klark tenik eqp kt eq, warm audio buss compressor, aphex big bottom, focusrite 18i20,and a SM Pro Audio PM8 – Passive/Active Dual Function 8 Channel Summing Mixer.

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“Mary did you know” by Mark Lowry/Buddy Greene, featuring “Kim Kalman “, unofficial mix by Reginald Comeaux