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Music Producer and Audio Engineer

Hey there, I’m D’beat and the “D” stands for DOPE. I’m a creative and diligent Music Producer and Audio Engineer from Africa with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry with 9 years of recording, producing and mixing experience. I’m highly meticulous and dedicated to my craft. Your satisfaction is just one click away. Contact me!

I mix and produce a wide variety of genres (contemporary gospel music inclusive) but I specialize more in Afrobeats, afro-fusion, Tropical/Dancehall and other World sounds. Typically, I offer mixing/audio editing services only (for specialty sake) and you can choose to master with an engineer of your choice. But then, I can master your song if you want me to. Also, I can make a beat or produce a song for you in any of the genres I’ve listed.

Here’s how I work:
– for production/beat making; contact me, send a demo or a raw voice note idea of the song and I’ll create from my end and constantly update you as I do so and when we’re good to go, you record and send back the recordings to me so I can put together with the beat and then export multitrack stems for mixing.

– for mixing; simply contact me, so I can verify your files are okay by me, you’d send me a sample/rough mix of your song with proper details and after I verify the files and we’re good to go, you send the stems (not more than 60 tracks/stems and 5 mins song duration max). When I’m done mixing and you love the mix, I’d provide a wave format of the mix between -5 and -7dB TP for an even bigger/louder mastering to be done.

– for editing and other audio processes, kindly contact me so we discuss it.

My prices are slightly negotiable and I offer discounts as well!
I look forward to hearing from you.

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On the Low cover by Arlex Skillz | Produced from scratch, mixed and mastered by me
Logo Reimagined by Gaise Baba | recorded live, produced, mixed and mastered by me


Mon - Sun: 06:00 - 18:00