Afrobeat Vocalist ,Lyricist and Songwriter

I am Teedeevee, A renowned Afropop music Artist from Nigeria. My style of music is a totally unique kind. My strength is in my deep yet soft voice merged with my lyrical prowess and lovely song writing skills. The melody type in my music is in most cases the creative yet relatable kind. The value speaks for itself. I majorly like to make music with Artists from different and diverse cultures of the world, as this is the only way The world would be a better place for everyone. I’ve had about 20 collaborations with musicians from countries like Lebanon, Norway, France, Germany, The US, The UK, Spain and few others. Looking forward to adding to that list with YOU!!!

First of all I always wanna know your plans and your visions for the project. After then I request for an instrumental (if any). I also put into considerations a lot of other measures like the paperworks, the kind of Project we are working on (if an EP, LP or a Single) and every other infomation germane to the success of the project.

I have been a Music Artist of High pedigree for over 6 years. My style of music and the energy I put in all my records have garnered lots of collaborations for me in recent years. I’ve worked with Artistes from different cultures, different countries and colour. Through my works, I make it known the power in collaborating with artistes of different background, it makes the music sweeter and more unique.

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Teedeevee - Bad Girl From California
Teedeevee - BabyOh