Jeremiah Simmons

Professional Guitarist and Producer

Hello, I’m Jeremiah, a guitarist, composer and producer with over 15 years experiencing writing, producing and performing a variety of music including Thrash, R&B, Folk, and more. I’ve performed with bands and artists across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and currently work with artists in Las Vegas. Utilizing a variety of instrumentation, I compose and produce original music for all mediums to bring your vision for life. It is my goal to utilize my extensive history as a guitarist, composer, and producer to bring a unique musical style to meet your needs. Whatever the project at hand, there is no one more suited to create your sound.

Composition – I have an intense passion for providing original sound for your project – whether it be an original score for your film, the right music for your commercial, or the introduction to your podcast. I’m committed to offering best-in-class customer service at every step of the project, from initial ideas to your fully realized finished product.

Advertisement – I specialize in creating musical jingles for broadcasting, the Internet, businesses, and individuals. My goal is to bring to life musical images that will be heard around the world.

Session Work – As a guitarist, I have over 15 years of experience writing, recording, and playing in ensembles across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and in Las Vegas. I strive to bring an unparalleled style to your song, with competitive tracking rates for recording right here in Miah Sound Studios’ own recording environment.

Ultimately I endeavor to capture the ears and hearts of that audience with a soundtrack that stands the test of time. I provide the modern listener with unparalleled engineering, classic studio gear, and cutting edge studio processing to guarantee an exceptional audio experience.

Its your world – let me write the soundtrack.

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An Original Heavy Metal Composition
An Original Electronic Composition