Aaron Hoey

Professional Guitarist

It’s all about having the perfect part to your song or performance and I am here to help with that be it on electric, acoustic or bass.

As a highly experienced gigging and recording musician I look forward to helping you make your project just how you vision it.
My guitar parts have been featured on tracks by Take That and Gary Barlow, Universal music, Mack Life Records and even a number 1 album in the UK.

For me it’s all about the part and sound, be it one acoustic strumming guitar, a panned picked guitar or a full on rock guitar solo!

Every track will be different but we start the same way. Tell me your vision for the track and we can discuss the guitar parts and how many tracks may be needed. You can send me as much or as little idea’s as you have, decide on the parts or let me create the parts.

Once we have discussed what need’s done you will send me the project file, mp3 or wave and I get to the fun part.

I use LUNA by UAD and their plug ins.

You can also benefit from my production and songwriting and music degree experience if you wish.

The more clear you are to me about what you need, the easier it is to fit the brief.

I have Strat’s, a Les Paul, Tele, Relish, L32 Avalon acoustic among other guitars.

I have a Neumann U47 (One of the best mic’s of all time) and Lewitt microphones for acoustic recording.

Amp wise I enjoy using the kemper as when it’s used right it sounds just like a real AMP if not better but I also have a Marshall and HI-WATT available.

I predominantly play Pop, Rock, Singer songwriter, Blues and TOP 40 music.

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