Diogo Soares

Music Producer & Mixing Engineer

I’m a producer/composer, mixing engineer and DJ.
Besides that I also do Sound Design, Audio Editing and multi-instrumentalist (Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keys and Drums).

I studied Music Sciences for five years at the University in Lisbon (UNL-FCSH), doing two periods abroad (6 months each) – one in Milan (Italy) and another one in Timisoara (Romania).

Then, I decided to start my own journey within the remote work (online – freelancing) and I’m growing my own studio/productions called MadHouse Productions.

Before the project, I need to know all the details. Basically, the genre(s)/style(s) of the song/album, what kind of service you want from me, how many songs are, the purpose (it’s a single, it’s for an album, etc…). And I need to know what you have from the song (can be the stems, lyrics, ideas, basically anything…)

The artist vision is my main concern! I will bring my technical skills and creativity to give shape to the artist ideas. I see this kinds of work like a collaboration (and it is, indeed), so it’s very important to me and I think also for the artist to have a good communication and exchange of ideas.

I work around several genres, which include:
Electronic, Hip-Hop, Trap, Pop, Reggaeton, Latin, Rock, Funk, R&B, EDM and many others… I am versatile.

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Reggae Beat