Gal Vogrič

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Hi i am Gal and I’ve been an audio engineer for more then 6 years now. I have a degree in audio engineering.

The first few years I have been mostly working in other studios and live concerts and for the last 5 years I have also been recording, edting, mixing and mastering in my own studio.

Trying to find new challenges and clients outside of my country i have now come to melodynest to offer my skills and analog gear in my studio.

For mixing and editing, I need all individual tracks of your song in mono and in .wav format (44.1 kHz – 24-bit depth preferably or superior) and the name of a reference song with the sound you are looking for.

For mastering, I need .wav file of the final mix of your song (preferably 48kHz – 24-bit depth or superior).

My experience in the studio and my audio engineering diploma, have given me the skills in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering to work in any genre.

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Rap mix and master example
Heavy metal mix and master example