Alastair Godfrey

Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist, Producer

I have played drums, guitar (acoustic and electric) and bass in bands ranging from indie rock to funk to metal as well as function bands for weddings and parties. I also studied music at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London where I learnt other styles such as pop, jazz, blues, soul, latin and reggae. I can record multiple parts for your song, and can tailor the sound to any reference tracks you give me. I can mix and master your songs to give your project the big sound it deserves.


For individual part jobs I’ll need stems of as much of the project as you can give me and a brief of which parts you want me to write and record. Tempo and key are ideal too but not a problem if I don’t have these. Reference tracks are also appreciated.

For full project mixing I’ll need full stems of the entire project, and a rough brief of what you want the music to sound like. Reference tracks would be ideal as well as ideas of producers and artists your’re inspired by or want the piece to sound similar to.

Turn around for individual parts is up to 3 days (+1 revision) and up to a week for full song mixing and mastering(+2 revisions). Please allow an extra day per revision.

I record from home so I can deliver the product quickly and on time. I can deliver raw unprocessed tracks or fully mixed wav files. Full track and stems if you need.

I can record real drums or midi drums as well as various percussion instruments such as bongos, tambourine, shaker and guiro.

For recording guitars and bass i own various pedals and amps as well as amp simulators and other plugins and several acoustic and electric instruments to get the sound you want.

For full song mixing and mastering I can tailor the sound to your specification and reference tracks.

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