Clime Alphons

Cinematic Orchestral Film/Tv/Games Composer

Whether its a full on cinematic epic or a simple but beautifully melodic piece of music look no further.

Hello, my name is Clime, I am a pianist/composer based in London, i specialise in cinematic orchestral music and have been doing so for a number of years. I specialise in fully orchestral pieces. Where there will be some underlying electronic elements, they will not be the front and centre of my music the orchestral will take care of that. My goal is to provide to you the highest quality work possible, well written, professionally produced masterpiece.

I use industry standard orchestral libraries, mixing and mastering techniques to give my music the best chance at realism and to really stand out.

Even though i use modern equipment and modern composing techniques i would say my music has a definite classical sound to it.

So whether you are looking for a short cinematic intro for you projects or a full on epic Hollywood style trailer, whether its beautiful orchestral cinematic music to complement your youtube video/documentary/film, or whether you just want a beautifully written orchestral masterpiece of any length, whether its fantasy, action, suspense, horror or whatever it may be, i’ve got you covered.

Please tell me in as much detail as possible what you are looking for, for example: style, genre, tempo, feel, emotion etc. Please be as descriptive as possible, this way i can gain a better understanding of your desired direction of the music. Also please provide me with examples of what you would like the music to sound similar too. This does not have to be super exact but it is key for me to be able deliver to you the perfect piece.

Thank you i very much look forward to working with you.

I will provide you with realistic, well written, highly produces pieces of work that will complement and support any creative project you nay have.
Whether its a full on cinematic epic or a simple but beautifully melodic piece of music look no further.

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Full Storm Ahead - Epic Orchestral
Fallen Warrior - Epic Orchestral