Fed Conti

Real Hammond Organ, Rhodes & Clavinet Pro Session

One recording session x track choosing from:
– real Hammond Organ C3 (1971) & A100 (1962) valve Leslie 147 & 122 Rotary Speaker
– real Rhodes Piano Mark 1 (1969)
– real Hohner Clavinet Pianet Duo (same as D6 more a 2nd electric piano sound)
– Farfisa / Vox nordkeyboards clones

Pro studio multiple mics recording with AVALON VT-737SP preamp, AKG 414 condenser microphones and RME AD/DA converters. Recording formats from 44.1khz 24 bit up to 96khz 64 bit, wav or aiff. I can produce MIDI tracks with modern clones as shown on video.

With this service I will include one free revision and some extra alternate takes. Tracks shouldn’t exceed 4 minutes lenght.
Contact me for any further info and specific requests.

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Fed Conti - Psycho (2010)
Vox - Populi (2020)