Fed Conti

Real Hammond Organ, Rhodes & Clavinet Pro Session

Federico Conti and growing up as a jazz-rock musician on Hammond Organ, Piano and Clavinet. He played with artists such Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari, Benny Golson, Charles Bowen, Lannie McMillan, Mike Stern, Buster Williams, and Mel Gaynor from Simple Minds. He started to be known later mostly as Fed Conti since he started his contemporary music producer career beside to his musician roots. Owner of Mahjong Music Ltd, high quality recording studio, label & publisher.

Please let me know about your project (artist, release details) and send me the WAV to record over, even if not finished but just from scratch.
Specify Bpm, any empty bars or any other wanted things, generally I will play naturally for my long music experience.

One recording session x track choosing from:
– real Hammond Organ C3 (1971) & A100 (1962) valve Leslie 147 & 122 Rotary Speaker
– real Rhodes Piano Mark 1 (1969)
– real Hohner Clavinet Pianet Duo (same as D6 more a 2nd electric piano sound)
– Farfisa / Vox nordkeyboards clones

Pro studio multiple mics recording with AVALON VT-737SP preamp, AKG 414 condenser microphones and RME AD/DA converters. Recording formats from 44.1khz 24 bit up to 96khz 64 bit, wav or aiff. I can produce MIDI tracks with modern clones as shown on video.

With this service I will include one free revision and some extra alternate takes. Tracks shouldn’t exceed 4 minutes lenght.
Contact me for any further info and specific requests.

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Fed Conti - Psycho (2010)
Vox - Populi (2020)