Studio singer and producer/songwriter

My name is Ivano and I’m a professional studio singer and producer.

My voice is dynamic and versatile thanks to my extensive vocal range. I specialise in Rock ( I am the frontman of UK’s leading Led Zeppelin cover band “Hats Off To Led Zep”) and Pop music.

I am a featured artists in movie soundtracks (Slate, SK) together with writing and arranging my own material.

I will bring your vision to reality thanks to years of knowledge in the studio.

The process is quite simple:

Send me your instrumental, lyrics, and a reference of the melody and I will send you high quality vocals/song mix.
You can then drag and drop my vocals onto your track (comprehensive of vocal comping and tuning if required – vocal fx processing available at extra cost).

For each project I will deliver:
– lead vocals with doubles, harmonies, and any other BVs needed / full mix (master available at extra cost)

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Back in Black/Fighter Mashup - produced/recorded
Pretending - Orla Gartland rearrangement, recorded and produced.