Jeremy Warmsley


I’m a singer/songwriter and producer with millions of plays on Spotify. I play a ton of instruments and I love arranging other people’s songs, and collaborating with them to make the most beautiful music we can! I’ve been producing music for over 15 years and my songs have been featured on almost every UK radio station and on shows/films on BBC, Channel 4, Netflix and Amazon Prime. My songs have millions of plays on Spotify and YouTube. I love making music and collaborating with new people, I’m open to anything and would love to work with YOU!

I can work from whatever starting point you have, whether it’s a finished track that just needs a mix or a couple of extra instruments, a voice note with you singing, a Garageband demo, or anything in between!

I love working in many different genres including indie rock, electronica, synthpop, chiptune, dub reggae and lots more besides. I sing and write songs, and I play guitar, piano, bass and synthesizers, I can arrange and programme orchestral parts, electronic and realistic drums. I work in Logic Pro X and use lots of cool hardware including guitar pedals, real tape delay, analog synths and all kinds of percussion and wind instruments. For plug-ins I’m a big fan of UAD.

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Summer Camp - Love of my Life - cowrote/performed/produced/mixed, arranged, played all instruments
Jeremy Warmsley - Moment - wrote/performed/produced/mixed, arranged, played all instruments