Joseph Menzies

Music Producer

My name is Joe, and I have been a producer and mix engineer for 3 years. I have had lots of experience in professional studios working with a variety of artists around the UK. I work at the moment as a production assistant for Karma Records at Ten87 Studios based in Tottenham Hale.

My aim is to help my clients get the best possible sound out of your music by using my skills as a professional producer and mix engineer. I ensure that my clients will be provided with a high quality mix and master ready for radio release!

I do not shy away from any type of music. All genres are welcome! I always make time to become familiar with a projects genre and always reference other tracks when mixing!

In order to get started, I will need a demo track, and any session used to record the demo (sent either as a Protools or Logic project). Any lyrics, chord progressions, reference tracks and any information on the song itself will be beneficial too.

My preferred way of working is to spend some time discussing my clients inspirations, styles and the end goal of their work, before looking at the production. I find it important to know the exact sound that the artist wants to achieve in order to obtain the best possible outcome. I work in a home studio, however I have access to larger work spaces if needed.

List of Equipment

– Logic Pro X
– Protools
– Soundtoys 5
– Melodyne 5
– Fabfilter
– UAD Apollo x4 with plugins
– PMC Result 6 Monitor Pair
– Keyscape
– Waves Plugins
– Serum
– Kontakt 5
– Reaktor 6

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Monday- Friday, 10:00am- 5:00pm