Mixed By Blu5ha

Audio Engineer

I have 19 years experience as a freelance mixing and mastering engineer. I offer remote packages at probably the best bang for your buck you will find here on the internet.

Why artists work with me:
>I am the pro that never went pro with his pricing.
>I mix your record on £50,000 worth of professional equipment.
>I am potentially the cheapest hybrid analogue service on the internet
>I have 19 years experience in all elements of rap and pop vocal processing
>I own equipment that favours budget microphone owners and can re amplify any home studio microphone recording to a very high standard
>My business in mixing, mastering and professional grade sound processing is full time. I’m your contact for the next and the next….and the next.

It is always best to contact me to discuss a project to see if we gel and are compatible.

Where I really shine in my experience and capability:

>Analogue rap vocal processing and automation of pronounces for crystal clear quality
>Lush pop vocal processing
>Manual autotune automation, tuning and artist defining fx processing

>Get bass to thud, snares to snap and kicks to knock the block off
>Hunt for pockets of space during the mixing process for clearer and wider sounding records
>Vetran skill sets in eq with most of the records i mix all being eq’d analogue and by ear.

>All of my mixes include a free commercial grade master

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