PaPa Shiraz

Song Writer, Vocalist, Producer and Mixing Enginee

A passionate song-writer, creative vocalist and a professional producer and mixing engineer.

I’ve written for a variety of artists in lots of different genres and approach every project with a fresh set of ideas.

As PaPa Shiraz I started a decent career as a vocalist, rapping and singing (in my own style) my way on all sorts of beats! All songs need to have a unique concept and a way of looking at music; yet I strive for a mainstream sound that audiences are familiar with, i.e. a party song you can vibe to or a sad song that reminds you of your ex!

I produce, mix and master and supervise music projects in a variety of styles!

Just google PaPa Shiraz, browse through some of the catalogue !

As a mixing engineer I specialise in Urban Music.

Based in London UK, our studio is dedicated to creating high quality tracks of all genres.

With over 10+ years of experience we can deliver your track and mix and mastered to industry standards within 24 hour.

Your track will be mastered by one of three, top notch mastering engineers from our studio specialising in:

1. Pop (incl. acoustic and classical music)
2. R&B and Hip Hop 3. Electronic (trance, hip hop, dubstep, trap etc.)

We can edit your vocals, including autotune and pitch correction, tempo correction, creative fx and sound design.

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Bella Calypso Papa Shiraz - Summer Doesnt Have to End
PaPa Shiraz - ROBOTBOY