Alex Von Soos

UK #1 Songwriter/Producer/Wizard/Coach

UK/South Korea #1 Songwriter will transform your song into something magical! Whatever your idea may need—lyrics, melody, backing track, production, mixing, mastering—let me help you with the final steps that make the difference between something that’s simply ok and something truly spectacular and even commercially viable!

MAIN CREDITS: All Saints, Atomic Kitten, XIA

If you like your music epic, passionate, exciting, dramatic and “super-juicy”, you’ve come to the right place. So many people do minimalism, but I will make your song drip with emotion and ooze quality!

I specialise in all forms of pop music and love mixing ultra-modern with 80s, 90s and 00s retro styles, always with a slightly indie, non-conformist twist. I’ve had millions of record sales(yes, millions of physical records!) and of course millions of streams and countless hours of radio play. My songs are being performed in some of the biggest stadiums in the world. But it’s not just about numbers—I’m still as enthusiastic and passionate about music as when I started out many years ago.

Whether you just need help with your songwriting, a radio-ready mix/master or a full-blown production, I will make sure that we create something that you can be proud of, which, as we all know, is already quite a big hurdle to overcome!

I also teach songwriting and have a complete online course available to serious students of songwriting. This will be free for bookings over $500. So while I work my magic on your current song, you can study all the secrets I use and apply them to your very next idea!

Just get in touch with whatever you require and I will come back to you with an action plan—a very enthusiastic action plan!

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