Album Cover Designer (previously used by UMG)

I’m an independent artist/graphic designer specialising in the creation of album covers.

My work has previously been represented by Universal music Group, Republic Records and many other record labels.

My covers are represented by music artists all over the world.

I use this website as a way to tailor my work towards independent artists at a more affordable price than some of my other commissions.

Pre Made Covers: Just let know what text you want included. I’ll add the text in the same font/position as is displayed on the preview unless advised otherwise by you.

Commissions: Each artwork is entitled to a round of revisions to ensure that you’re happy.

I class myself first and foremost as an artist which is why most of my work revolves around artworks that I’ve already created (as opposed to being commissioned to create something new). I am still open to commissions, but the bulk of my work is certainly tailored towards creating artworks that I love and that I have artistic control over.

Some of my favourite past commissions have involved work with Kemba, Eric Bellinger and many more brilliant artists.

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