Joel Stewart

Professional recording artist/songwriter/vocalist.

I’m an experienced recording artist/songwriter/vocalist from London. I am proud to have gained over 7 million streams since my debut single in 2019. I would love to help you out and collaborate on some music!

In the past 2 years, I have collaborated with lots of amazing artists (Seeb, Lonely in the Rain, Luca, Arinity). I have also recorded at Abbey Road Studios with Universal Music Group. I am excited to get going on Melody Nest, and am available for hire to record vocals and for songwriting (as well as acoustic demo tracks). I like to work hard, and give each project I work on the time, and creativity it deserves. I love writing songs and I would love to help you on any projects you may have!

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Overflow (Luca ft. Joel Stewart)
Rose Garden


9-6 Monday to Saturday