My job is to help you create and/or finish your songs to Top 40 standards. I am willing to start work on your project at any stage of production, whether it just be mastering an already mixed song, or writing and producing a song for you from scratch based on just your vision!

I have 10+ years experience producing using Logic Pro, and I play keyboard, piano and guitar. I can produce all kinds of commercial music including chart pop, dark pop, 80s retro, and singer songwriter. As far as mastering is concerned, I can quickly mix and master tracks to Top 40 quality. My speciality is pop music, and getting a clean, bright, loud sound for each track I work on.

With every job I allow unlimited revisions. As an artist myself, I know the importance of getting the EXACT sound you want, and am happy to make as many tweaks and changes as you like until you are 1000% happy. I work quickly and can get a first mix and master over to you within 24 hours, or a first full production over to you within 72 hours.

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Lostchild - "Like Like" (Written and Produced by me)
Mickey Taylor - "Jokes" (Co-Written, Produced, Co-Mixed and Mastered by me)