I make commercial, top 40 sounding pop music with a dark/alternative edge. I work fast, turning production jobs around in as little as 48 hours. My biggest achievement so far is that I wrote, produced, mixed and mastered a 9 track album for pop singer Mickey Taylor in approx. 2 months, which peaked at #43 on the UK iTunes Pop Album Chart.

I’m a gay singer/songwriter with 4 EPs of self-written, self-produced material under my belt. I am a 10+ years user of Logic, currently using Logic X, with experience recording and mixing my own and others vocals. I am tough and always push singers to get their best takes.

I also have co-written songs with artists and am not afraid to be honest about lyrics and melodies that don’t work, and pride myself on my ability to produce melodies and chord sequences that are both unusual and commercial. I’ve also written top lines for artists to sing based on their specific lyrical brand.

My history of writing and producing music began in my bedroom, making music for no one in particular for years, inspired by acts ranging from Radiohead to The 1975 to Madonna (80s!) to Sade. One day I wrote a song and made a video for my first single “Town”, a song about growing up gay in the middle of nowhere. I put it up on the internet, and got tens of thousands of views and messages from people who could relate to the message.

My songs unique mix of darkness and commericality have allowed me to be booked to support fellow pop acts Tiffany, Betty Who, Dragonette, Todrick Hall and Frankmusik and well as having been booked on Prides in both the UK and the US.

I make music for anyone who struggles with low self esteem, feels disconnected or rejected, or like an outsider.

If you have any existing material written and recorded on a program other than Logic, I need the stems all bounced DRY and separate. If you use a Logic interface, all I need is the Logic folder (make sure audio files are included).

For production, mixing and mastering, song references for me to look up are always useful.

For songwriting, what would be useful is a couple of paragraphs on what you want the song to be about PLUS a personal or unique experience you can draw on to give the song a more personal feel.

My job is to help you create and/or finish your songs to Top 40 standards. I am willing to start work on your project at any stage of production, whether it just be mastering an already mixed song, or writing and producing a song for you from scratch based on just your vision!

I have 10+ years experience producing using Logic Pro, and I play keyboard, piano and guitar. I can produce all kinds of commercial music including chart pop, dark pop, 80s retro, and singer songwriter. As far as mastering is concerned, I can quickly mix and master tracks to Top 40 quality. My speciality is pop music, and getting a clean, bright, loud sound for each track I work on.

With every job I allow unlimited revisions. As an artist myself, I know the importance of getting the EXACT sound you want, and am happy to make as many tweaks and changes as you like until you are 1000% happy. I work quickly and can get a first mix and master over to you within 24 hours, or a first full production over to you within 72 hours.

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Lostchild - "Like Like" (Written and Produced by me)
Mickey Taylor - "Jokes" (Co-Written, Produced, Co-Mixed and Mastered by me)