Vincenzo Capodivento

Mixing Engineer/Producer/Musician

Hi, I’m Vincenzo.

I perform, produce and mix music with unconditional love.
I started playing music when I was 14 and got interested in an old guitar my Grandmother had lying around. I quickly fell in love with it and started my journey exploring music through it. Although I enjoyed the instrument I realised over time that my love for music was broader than just playing guitar.
Through collaboration with various artists I discovered there was no greater joy to me than creating music, so I started experimenting with other instruments as well as getting involved further in other parts of the process. Now my poison is to work with artists as a producer, helping them create arrangements, exploring ideas, pushing boundaries and then using my instrumental and mixing skills to create the most exciting and heartbreaking music we can. I take pride in my work and I’ll work until there’s nothing else I can improve further.

First and foremost I’ll need some kind of demo, wether simple or complex, to get an idea on how the song sounds/feels like and its direction. I only work on projects where I feel like I can elevate the music, so I need the demo to decide if I will be a great fit or not.
If the response is positive I will need the project if it was made within Logic, session files or a guide track to start from as well as a BPM and Key the song is in.

I always bring the best that I can, to help you elevate your music in the best way possible.
I will bring in ideas for arrangement, instrumental parts, sound design and mixing to fit whatever your song is trying to feel like/transmit to the listener. I can offer all these services separately or as a whole, depending on the project(s). I can also track the grand majority of the instruments, except drums, myself from my home studio.
I use Logic Pro X and a hybrid of analog and digital gear to create my arrangements and productions, I mix exclusively in the box.

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