Sven Smith

Kick-ass rock vocalist

As seen on X Factor! Vocalist of Dirty Rose has performed at one of the biggest and most iconic rock festivals, Download Festival in 2019. Check out my profile, and let’s make magic!

Hey, what’s up!

My name’s Sven, I’m a singer who’s recently graduated from The Academy of Contemporary Music with a First Class Degree in vocals!
I’ve performed at huge events such as Download Festival (the biggest rock festival in the UK) with my kick-ass rock band, Dirty Rose. I’ve appeared on TV countless times, including the most recent series of X Factor.

I’m looking to get involved with your projects, keen to do what ever you need, covers, originals, lyrics, anything, just drop me a message!

I’ll be recording my vocals through an Aston Spirit Microphone through a really nice interface.

I am most comfortable singing at a tenor vocal range, with hard gritty-mids and a light falsetto, think Green Day / Van Halen kinda mix.

(For legal reasons you cannot use my name as an *artist* [eg. Feat (Sven)] unless I have cleared it, thanks!)

Check out more of my bands music to hear my vocals on Spotify / YouTube under Dirty Rose!

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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