Logan Hunter

Independent Music Producer

Hi there – my name is Logan and I want to bring your project to life! I’ve been producing music for over 7 years using Logic Pro X in my home studio. I specialize in a wide variety of genres, including synthwave, pop, dance (EDM), house, synthpop, new wave, ambient, and lo-fi, among others. In addition to releasing my own independent songs and working with other artists on their projects, I’ve composed music for award-winning films and constantly strive to be as innovative as possible with all the production resources at my disposal. My process for approaching a new beat is much like how an actor studies a character; I consider the intention, emotion, and context of the song in order to fully bring it to life. I look forward to working with you!

To allow me to generate the song or beat you’re looking for, we’ll discuss your vision for the project: Do you have a genre or other artist in mind that you want this to sound like? What kind of emotion is behind it? Do you have lyrics? Are we going for a high-energy jam or a relaxed vibe? The more you can tell me, the closer we’ll get it to sounding “just right.” Let’s puzzle it out together!

I have a home studio that I’ve been upgrading over my years of producing. I use Logic Pro X on a powerful Mac Mini, multiple midi keyboards, PreSonus monitors and interface, and a huge variety of virtual instruments and industry-standard mixing and mastering plugins necessary for the highest quality of production. All of this gives me the tools I need to create unique and highly personalized music.

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