Audio Producer/Engineer for Classical Music

I started my audio recording service, ULTIMO PRODUCTIONS, with the mission to provide an “ultimate” service to classical musicians for all their audio recording needs: live concert recordings, CD productions, audio restoration and format conversion. My productions are distributed by the Naxos, Azica, Marquis labels and can be heard on NPR radio stations. I have held positions as Director of Audio Recordings at the Brevard Music Festival, NC; the Peninsula Music Festival, WI; and the American Festival for the Arts, TX. I provided audio production and audio feed for the video streaming of the 2018 International Violin Competition in Indianapolis, a major classical event in the US.
My equipment is second-to none: Neumann/Schoeps/Brauner/MicroGefell tube and condenser mixcrophones; the Pyramix DAW with DSD/DXD up to 48 channels of pristine Horus and Hapi A-D converters; B&W 801 MkIII speakers; Genelec 5.1 surround speaker systems and…and. much more.
I enjoy working with and for other classical musicians when I am not performing myself as concert pianist.

Step 1: Describe your project and expected result. Tell me about your timeline of the project.
Step 2: We discuss artistic, technical and logistical details, preferably over the phone.
Step 3: I illustrate my services to you and specific conditions for the project.

Live Concert Recordings in digital multi-track; complete CD/HD Audio File recording sessions and post-production of classical soloists, chamber music ensembles, orchestras and choirs. Audio Restoration and format conversion, analog to digital, multitrack digital to stereo, tape/cassette to digital formats.

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Live concert recording: Mendelssohn Violin Concerto
CD Production: String Quartet