Adam Schoeller

Tracking / Mixing / Mastering Engineer

I have been working in recording studios on both coasts and the midwest for almost 15 years. Now based in Los Angeles, I have engineered at many of the city’s top recording studios and worked with a multitude of major label artists like Katy Perry, Freddie Gibbs, and 5 Seconds of Summer, as well as a variety of indie label artists alongside unsigned and developing acts. In addition to recording, I have also enjoyed success mixing and mastering single songs to entire albums specializing in pop, hip hop and rock/metal.

My credits have amassed over 100 million streams on Spotify!

1-32 tracks $350
32-64 tracks $500
65+ tracks $500+ (custom quote)

Mastering $75/song

Each project is quoted individually, these prices are a guideline.

I employ a Pro Tools HDX system loaded with the best plugins from all the top developers. I also add an SPL MixDream summing amplifier and a Burl A2D converter to give your mix some extra push, warmth, and polish. I monitor through HEDD Type 20s. I also process vocals with my Tube Tech CL 1B and Purple Action compressors.

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Zolita - "Somebody I Fucked Once"