Alex Reid

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Hello! I’m Alex Reid, an experienced mixing and mastering engineer and music producer.

I’m a perfectionist with deep attention to detail, so I will get the bests results and deliver a professional sounding song.

I use a collection of industry-standard plug-ins from Waves, Elysia, Brainworx, SSL, iZotope, Slate Digital, IK Multimedia, Melodyne, and many more.

I will mix and master your song in high quality commercial standards, so it’ll be ready for the radio or any streaming platform.

Every song is different, but the process often includes the following (and more!):

Mixing: Track editing (and fixing with de-clipper, de-clicker, etc), Gain Staging, EQ, Compression, Spatial Effects (Delay, Reverb, etc.), Creative Effects, Parallel Processing, Vocal Tuning, De-Essing, Mono-Compatibility Check, Stereo Imaging, Master Buss Processing, Automation

Mastering: Automation, Mid-side Processing, Compression, Linear EQ, Harmonic Exciting, Mono-Compatibility Check, Leveling, Limiting.

Please check my mixes and masters here:

I will deliver up to 2 files on different formats and loudness requirements. If you are not sure which I will happily help!

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SnakeBite - Stone
Reddick - Quarentined Summer (Mixed and Mastered)