Bryan Galvez

Mixing and Mastering Services

et your songs that polish needed to take your music to the next level!

Hello! My name is Bryan. I am based out of Los Angeles where the hub of rock and pop music exist. My background is pop/rock and electronic/dance. I am also a classically trained pianist where I earned my Bachelor’s in Music – Piano Performance. Afterwards, I attended the film scoring program at USC where I earned my Advance Studies Certificate in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television. I then got an internship at Media Venture (now Remote Control Productions). It was there that I got to witness some of the world’s greatest talent in the studio. I was especially fond of the mixing and mastering process that went on there. At that point, I realized that the audio engineering techniques that went on for film music also applied to rock and pop music. All of these genres have allowed me to develop an extraordinary ear for various genres.

I offer mixing and mastering services. I will take the artist’s song and after repeated listens will evaluate what needs to be done. Be it more reverb on the vocals to achieve that dream-pop sound or to punch up the drums on that rock track. I have numerous experience mixing and mastering songs of various genres. My specialization is approaching each mix differently depending on it’s genre and the needs of the artists.

I will give each client the utmost attention they need for me to realize the sonic potential of their song!

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"Shopping On Rodeo" (Electropop Mix)
"Flying Machines" (Electronic Dance Mix)