Mr. is a Southern California native songwriter/topliner/vocalist who’s been creating music for over twenty years. With his stand out vocals, introspective lyrics, and melancholy vibes, he has made a space for himself writing songs for the honest moments in life. Having been primarily in the Christian Music space, but emerging now in the Pop & RnB scenes, he has written with/for the likes of Jesus Culture, Aaron Lindsey, Tommy Walker, Jordan Frye, and many more up and coming Pop/RnB talents.

I’d love to hear what you’re working on and see if I’m the right fit for what you’re looking for. It’s my goal to help serve your project as best I can and make it just what you’re dreaming up.

Songwriting – Give me the vision, the vibe, some song references, and I will deliver a full arranged demo of your song (piano/vocal or guitar/vocal).

Toplining – Give me the track you’re working with, thoughts on the vision, theme, or overall direction of the song, and I will deliver the track, a dry vocal stem of the lead, and lyric sheet (WAV and PDF). Can also arrange your track to form a cohesive song.

Vocalist – Give me your track, and/or demo, lyric sheet or lead sheet, and I will deliver the stem of a fully tuned, comped, and edited lead vocal.

Pianist – Give me your track and/or demo, chord chart, or lead sheet (no grand staff sheet music), and I will deliver the stem (WAV) of the keys performance (patch of your choice), as well as a full MIDI file.

Tell me about your project and how I can help by clicking the ‘Contact’ button above.

Creating music is what I love and I hope I’m able to do it with you.


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